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Home ownership is a challenge in Australia today - what used to be a given is increasingly difficult to achieve for many - the combination of expense to build coupled with difficulty in obtaining finance (particularly in regional areas such as Kangaroo Island, where it is not unusual for banks to demand 20%+ deposits) makes owning and building seem out of reach for many. 

In addition, we have the challenges of rebuilding 65+ year-old (and largely under-insured properties) destroyed in the bush fire that devastated the western half of our island in early 2020. 

With winter rapidly approaching, we need to get solutions in place quickly and cost effectively - whether temporary or permanent.

Here at Kauppila, we have been grappling with the challenges involved with both affordable entry to the housing market and quickly and effectively replacing properties lost as a result of the fires and, after substantial research and development, looking at the burgeoning tiny home market, innovative designs, building techniques and materials from all around the world, we believe that we have realistic options to offer our community on Kangaroo Island.

With three key modular, fully self-contained, accommodation units and floor-only connector modules, based around a 6x3m footprint, you have the ability to configure your home the way you need it.

Choose your colours, wall and floor finishes to suit needs and budget - create your home.

  • "Recovery" Living Module - Air-conditioned Living/Bed, Bathroom, Kitchenette (module supplied complete with cooker/range-hood, under-bench washer/dryer, sink, storage drawers/cupboards, 13,600lt water-tank, water pump, gas-fired, on demand water heater) - connect and move in.

Priced from $46,750

(incl GST; ex works)

  • Bedroom Module - Air-conditioned 2 bedrooms - for those needing additional beds.

Priced from $33,000

(incl GST; ex works)

  • Master Bedroom & En-suite - Air-conditioned large bedroom & en-suite bathroom - for those needing a little more space.

Priced from $38,500

(incl. GST; ex works)

​Fully compliant with Class 1a Building Regulations for Residential Buildings and achieving a Bush-fire Attack Level (BAL) rating of 29 as standard and able to achieve BAL40 with different windows, these units are built to order and transported to site. Whether intended to be a temporary installation or planned for potential expansion in the future - modules are established on a low-impact footing system, minimising site-work.

With all electrical and plumbing fitted and tested prior to delivery, service trades are on site for hook-up to (existing) approved potable and waste-water systems and to mains power, if available.

Up or down skillion roof lines to create veranda options (up shown below) and a wide range of external finishes are available for you to choose from, together with decking units also available to add on.


A quick, effective, attractive and affordable way of getting (back) onto your land.

Custom Orb 

If your intent is to use these as interim accommodation, then you will be able to pick these up and re-purpose / position them when ready to in the future. Simply disconnect services, unbolt from footings and move.

From little things, big things can grow

Now the clever bit:

Scaling for the future, whether cash-flow dependent or future family demands, these modules have been designed to be connected together in flexible units that create usable, enclosed open plan living spaces that take individual modules and make them into a proper user-friendly home.

2 Bed - Weatherboard

Utilising smart design, we connect the Bath / Living / Kitchen Module with a Floor Module and the 2 Bedroom Module and enclose the ends as required to create an additional 18 sqm of indoor / outdoor open plan space - effectively creating a home of 54 sqm in total.

The design shown above includes all bathroom fixtures and fittings, a fully functioning kitchenette with gas cooker, rangehood, under-bench washer/dryer, single drain stainless sink, under & overhead drawer / cupboard storage; external 13,600lt water tank, gas-fired, on-demand water heater. An air conditioner is fitted in the living module and another shared between the 2 bedrooms - all you need to move in is your clothes and furniture!

Depending on specification, prices start from $90,750  (incl GST; ex-works).

2 Bed - Custom Orb
2 Bed - Weathertex
2 Bed - Maxline + Timber

For those needing more space:


We have a 3-bedroom option as well - adding the master bedroom / en-suite unit and connecting with two floor modules we create a fit-for-purpose 90sqm home with 36sqm of indoor/outdoor open plan space linking the living modules.

Depending on specification, prices start from $137,500  (incl GST; ex-works).

Again, choose your colours from Colorbond roof/wall cladding range and customise your internal wall/floor finishes to suit your needs and budget.

You create your home, we build it

Important things to consider before you commit

Site conditions vary greatly, therefore it is impossible to provide an installed price on your site without specifically visiting and quoting based on your conditions and needs. A budget guide only for delivery, site works, footings installation and certification, services connection on a cleared (brown-field) site adjacent to a functioning wastewater treatment system and assuming mains power connection would be in the region of $8-10,000.

The Development (Bushfire Recovery) Variation Regulations 2020 introduced in early 2020 by the South Australian State Government permit variation to the established Regulations to allow people to get back onto their properties as quickly as possible. These permit dispensation from the need to meet the needs for compliance with Class 1a Building Regulations until January 1 2022 and permit the use of transportable structures without formal consent (although there is still an expedited consent process required). After this deadline passes, any buildings erected will need to either be made compliant with Class 1a Regulations or removed from the property and replaced with a compliant structure.


Our view is that retrospective compliance is virtually impossible to achieve if the structure is fundamentally not designed to be Class 1a compliant in the first place. 

As a result, we have designed these modules to be fully compliant with Class 1a requirements from the outset. It is noted that to achieve thermal standard compliance certification, the orientation of the property will be a factor and therefore we will need to advise you on this at your location.


Modules can be installed quickly, getting you back onto your property while following a retrospective Development Consent process for permanency before the January 1 2022 exemption expiry. The modules can be relocated at any time and retain their compliance for repurposed use as temporary accommodation, holiday units, granny flats etc with the appropriate permission.

Wastewater (septic water) treatment is another important component of an approved compliant development. The Development Variations permit the use of existing, aged wastewater treatment infrastructure as long as it is certified by a qualified plumber as "fit-for-purpose". Many of the older island systems - particularly on the largely unregulated Soldier-Settler premises - would not be compliant if assessed against today's regulations. Have the system inspected before you proceed - do not assume that all will be well!! A new aerobic wastewater treatment system which will produce a treated water suitable for above-ground non-edible plant irrigation will cost in the region of $12-15,000 installed and we can offer solutions should you either not have one or your old system is not deemed "fit-for-purpose".

Should you decide to relocate your new home to a new site then getting power to site will be an additional  expense that you need to assess prior to commitment. Our modules are ready to be wired into the mains supply, with multiple modules linking together for an efficient distribution of power.

Should you wish to go off-grid with a solar/ battery/generator hybrid power system, then this can be accommodated and we can work with local electricians to specify and integrate this into our designs.

This concept is developing daily. If you have any questions or would like to see one of our modules, then please contact us through the website or ring Sharon on 0439 687 155.

We are also developing a more traditional, affordable house offer with these new materials - talk to us about your building needs and we can see if this is appropriate.


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